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Art by Kerri

Morning Glory

Morning Glory

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Wake up to beauty and inspiration. An artfully crafted rustic fence with a weathered appearance, adorned with cascading 3-d vines of morning glories, of vibrant shades of orange, and icy blue.  Beyond the fence, the grandeur of a mountain sunset, the peaks silhouetted against a warm, golden-orange sky, creating a breathtaking and serene atmosphere.  This wall-hanging beautifully captures the essence of a tranquil countryside evening creating a harmonious and captivating work or art that brings a sense of peace and natural beauty to any space.

3-d felted flowers and vines on a wet felted background.  Merino, Corriedale, alpaca, Angelica, silk, coconut  3 blue butterflies (floral pieces)  Hung on a reclaimed antique metal tie-back.  16x20

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