Lamp Shades Supply List

Welcome to Wet-Felting a Lamp Shade!!!!!

Here are the supplies you will need for the class


Two Towels

Two Sheets of mesh

One sheet of bubble wrap, or a bamboo matt


a sponge, or ball brause

a large piece of 'resist' (this can be thin 1/8 inch foam, flexible hard plastic, anything that is waterproof, cuttable, and flexible) (I've used an old yoga mat that the cat destroyed one end of)

1 oz Merino in the color you want your shade to be

.5 oz of complimentary colors

locks in complimentary colors

Angelina or Firestar for shine

One hard shaped item to dry your shade on.  This should be the width you want your shade to end up at, and a little taller than your shade.  I've used pitchers, bowls, vases, pretty much anything I find around my house that is the shape I want.